Sunday, 13 March 2016

Rules of Love for Girls

  1. Don't trust whatever they say. They might say the same thing to other girls.
  2. Don't fully rely on him. You might find it difficult when they leave you one day. You're strong enough to stand on your own.
  3. If they don't accept you as a whole, LEAVE. They don't deserve to be in your life. You deserve someone that accept all the good and bad things about you and still wanna make you to be a better person but don't change the way you are.
  4. Never fall in love really hard until he become your husband. Only the one who really loves you has the gut to propose you.
  5. You should know how differentiate between love and like. Needs and wants. 
  6. Know your priorities. Family comes first no matter what. 
  7. If you think that you're never good enough, trust me you are more than enough,  only those who are stupid can't see how special you are. 
  8. Love comes naturally and you can't force yourself to love someone that loves you. If someone loves you, doesn't mean you have to love them back just for the sake that of sympathy. Love doesn't work that way. NO.
  9. NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS. Know your value and if they treat you like shit. Honestly, LEAVE.
  10. And the most important thing is. LOVE YOURSELF. You're beautiful, pretty, nice, kind and adorable. You have to appreciate yourself despite of your past and flaws. YOU ARE AWESOME. 

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