Saturday, 16 July 2016

Define bestfriend?

At the age of 21 years-old, i learn about friendship. All those "Best Friend Forever" is just a myth i guess. I used to have lots of best friends, but after a while i just realised they're not really "best  kind of friend". The i one trusted the most was the one who broke my trust. The one i relied on was the one who stabbed behind my back. You don't know how much it hurts me or consume me. till at one point of my life, it's hard for me to trust people anymore. They are all wearing mask. They have intentions towards me. Like me, i be friends with someone without intentions, but for them maybe they use me as their weapon and when they are ready they'll use me as a tool to achieve their goals. 

it may be fun for you to use other's name to make yourself being wanted or as a centre of attention, but i just want you to know that you look pathetic in your own world. you are the one who doesn't appreciate people and you look so lonely up to a point you seek for people's attention by bringing others down. 

Now, i keep my circle small. like really small. i don't need lots people in my life because i don't need unnecessary dramas in my life. i only have close friends, the one who knows my ups and downs. they're not my best friends but they more than that; more than anything i could ever asked for. best friends are not real.

p/s: dont trust people just because they act like they care towards you. they care because they wanna know whats really going on in your life. and the worst part, they'll spread their interpretations and add some sugars and spices to make the story become more fun and interesting. 

whoever read this, stop spreading rumours. and stop listening from sources that doesn't have strong facts or sources. stop being a stupid believer people. 

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