Sunday, 28 August 2016

Keep moving on

Hi, this is not a motivational story but here is something i would like to share and hope it will be something beneficial for you out there :)

My nickname is Sheda. That's what people called me. I'm turning 21 this year. I still can't be believe that I'm gonna be 21 this year lol. My life after all is awesome so far. So let's start. Bismillah. (Please ignore my mix languages; Malay and English)

Here is ups and downs of my life. Saya sekolah di sekolah asrama penuh from Form 1 till form 5. it was amazing. it's a all-girl school after all. Even orang selalu cakap macam macam about all girls school but it wasn't that bad and it was super duper cool okay!!!! Saya aman duduk sana. I can do whatever i want and all girls well you can do anything without being judge after all. lol. So, I got a good results for my SPM (Sijil Pendidikan Malaysia). Basically, my life was perfect back then.

so here is another phase of my life. I dapat MARA (Pinjaman boleh ubah) which means if you got good results it will be like a scholarship. So here is the most amazing thing in my life. I decided to be a dentist. As for preparation before going to degree, i decided to do IB (International Baccalaureate). it is a 2 years program. Okay my first sem i did quite well. Perform ah orang kata en. But fyi, IB ni finals dia on the last sem which means masa sem 4. Basically takde apa pun results sem satu ni sampai sem 3. macam nak test test je lah. Hahaha. But finals for sem 4 masuk semua benda yang dah belajar dari sem 1 sampailah sem 4. And dia ada internal assessments throughout 2 years tu (this will be your carry marks). Yang ni malas nak explain sebab dia complicated and susah. Here comes sem 3. I will always remember this. This is another turning point of my life, i had a roughest phase of my life during sem 3. Honestly, THE ROUGHEST. and the worst thing is, it affects my study life. i take tahu apa yang i belajar throughout my third semester. Like blank. I went to classes macam normal. But my soul, my heart and my mind weren't there. And my results masa sem 3 is bad. Kena panggil dengan lecturer tanya what happened to you sheda? This is when reality hit my face really hard. I never got anything worst than this. Masa ni baru sedar, Allah tarik nikmat dia bagi. Fyi, up till this day i tak tahu berapa i results i masa tu. But i know, i am the lowest in my class. But then, i start study hard, orang kata study smart kan? Takde masa tu i put all my effort for my finals. I did everything that i could just to pass points until fly. Alhamdulillah, dengan berkat parents, doa and support from kawan kawan. I managed to get good results for final sem 4. Which, with my result i lepas points until fly! Alhamdulillah. Bersyukur sangat masa tu. Gigil kot nak tengok results masa tu :'(

After tu ingat boleh terus fly. HAHAHAHA. Harapan. Nasib tak menyebelahi kami. We have technical problem with MARA and college. Which, seat untuk kami yg sepatutnya dah ada tapi terlepas pandang maka here is another dugaan buat kami semua. We have to go through lots of procedure sebab semua uni dah ambil students for degree so kami dah terlambat nak apply. Tengok member lain fly kite ni hantar kat airport je masa tu :( We had to sit another exam. Ya Allah, rasa nak nangis masa tu. Tapi takpe, cuba positive masa tu. Kita pun tawakkal je lah masa tu. After went through lots of procedure, and macam macam masalah. Some of my friend's parents sampai naik turn Pejabat MARA banyak kali. Alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan doa kami data lah fly to India. My uni is JSS Dental College And Hospital. Tak pernah dengar kan? Lol, this is another amazing journey of my life.

So here i am, second year dental students at JSS. Wish me luck everyone! And for those yg tolong I masa susah and senang, thank you so much for helping. My journey at India I update after graduate okay? Hehehehe.

P/S: Moral of the story, never give up on whatever you're doing. There's always a beautiful future aheads you. No matter what shits happen in your life, trust me. You can endure it. Always pray to Him and put all your effort in whatever you're doing. He will help you. All the best from me to whoever facing hardships in their life :) I love you guys so much :*

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