Monday, 5 September 2016

my biggest fear

Salam and hi guys! So since i think that there's no one to talk to here (india) i think I'm gonna use this blog as a place to spill. Basically, I'm having a hard time in India. Eventho this year is my second year but i don't adapt well here.

I have problems in finding someone to trust and i can really rely on. All this while i always someone that i rely on when I'm at somewhere. Coming here, there are only few malaysians and it's hard for me to really know people and it's even harder when i don't have anyone to talk to when I'm stress or having problems. 

Besides, i have this kind of behaviour or attitude which i think that everyone doesn't like the way i treat them. When they don't talk to me, i think they dont like things i do or my behaviour. This thing in me has set a barrier between me and them which making me to set a distant between them. I don't know what should i do. I just kinda sad over the time and i think it consumes me tho. Ugh sucks. I wanna go back Malaysia so bad :( 


  1. i can feel what are you're trying to tell here. hm. i feel the same too sometimes, babe.

    1. thank you awak. Take care kat sana. Hope you' ll be okay and adapt it well there :')

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