Thursday, 19 January 2017

Don't hurt her

it takes so much time for me write this post and yes this post will be in multi language (Malay & English) since it is what i've been kept for myself for quite sometime.

Don't Hurt Her

Few days ago, I baca this one article pasal sorang laki ni tinggalkan tunang dia sebab nak get back to his ex. It triggered back my memory and whatever yang i akan tulis is mainly a lesson bukan atas dasar i tak boleh get rid lagi of what had happened. This is a lesson to all girls and also boys out there. 


probably one day, you akan jumpa someone that you will fall in love with this guy and you'll think that he is the one. And pada masa tu maybe you tak akan realize how much you love him and you rasa it's okay. Sebab you sure he will be the one for you. Dia bawa awak jumpa family dia, dia pun jumpa family awak. And even worst dia akan janji kahwin dgn awak. But the truth is, we never know, betul ke tidak. I cant stop you from loving him, but all i can say is don't love him too much. Orang akan kata, dia dah serious bawa awak jumpa parents semua. But dia boleh tinggalkan awak. Even orang dah kahwin pun bercerai apatah lagi awak yg baru just in a relationship or tunang. You can love him but remember this "Allah yang pegang hati manusia". Jangan sesekali lupakan Allah dalam mencintai seseorang. And sentiasa ingat yang hati manusia berubah and kalau orang tu dah tak suka awak one day. You kena terima hakikat tu. Sebab tu never love him too much. Take care of yourself, love yourself, pampered yourself as much you can because no one will ever love you more than Allah and yourself do. As a girl, you should take care of yourself. Know your value and jangan sesekali biar orang ambil hak awak. 

Probably one day dia akan kata, i dont think we can make it. I dont have any feelings towards you anymore. Beribu alasan dia akan bagi and dia akan kata awak deserve better. And you should just tell him, yes i deserve someone who will fight for me. I deserve someone who makes me happy and appreciate and love myself. Never hesitate to say that. Sebab yes you are. You deserve someone way better than him. Dia deserve someone lower than you. You are too good for him yang low class. Know your standard girls. I've been in that situation, and now i know why. Sebab Allah tahu yg I berhak dapat apa yg I patut dapat. Somehow just thank him for letting you go because you dont have to keep someone toxic in your life.

And boys,

Please dont hurt her. If you tak rasa nak kahwin or end up with her. Jadi je lah kawan for her. Why would you wanna make her sad? Bukan awak ke beriya nak dia in the first place masa dia takde secebis kasih sayang pun kat awak? Pernah ke awak fikir hati perasaan dia yg awak mainkan. Dia seorang anak, dia juga seorang kakak, dia seorang adik dan dia juga akan menjadi seorang ibu. Have you ever terfikir, what if anak, kakak, adik or mak awak orang sakitkan hati. Orang permainkan perasaan dia. Awak tahu tak, betapa susahnya parents and adik beradik dia nak keep her happy while you just ambil dia kejap and hancurkan dia? Pernah tak awak fikir sekali. Or mungkin you dont have humanity at all. Mungkin kalau mak awak kena rogol awak pun okay je. Fikirlah wahai lelaki sekalian. Dont her hurt. You dont have the rights to hurt her. She deserve to be happy without you. 

And indeed Allah is the best planner. Pray to Him. Always.


  1. Sheda, Nasrin nangis baca post Sheda. This is so random i know. But i feel you so much, i cry myself to sleep a lot lately 😭 Maybe what you are going through is much worse than what i went through, but i know how it feels. Life is so unfair, people hurt us and they can still live happily. Meanwhile we suffer and no one knows when will it end

    1. Nasrin sorry took so long to reply. Sebab i jarang check comments sebab tak perasan haha. Anyway, it may have been long ago you posted this comment. But just wanna let you know that, you are genius, pretty and successful person whom i look up to. I hope youre doing fine and have all the happiness that you wish right now. Love you always. xx sheda :)