Thursday, 27 April 2017

How to write a happy post?

Whenever i go through my blog post, mostly macam about my sadness or what not. I dont know what should i write in blog. Okay laa probably this one is gonna be a funny post. It happened few minutes earlier.

So as i was trying to figure out to change my playlist in my blog. I was so focused la doing my work kan sebab the songs didnt come out sebab i like this song because i feel so close to me. SO I WANT WHOEVER READ MY BLOG LISTEN TO THAT SONG. SO PLEASE STAY AND LISTEN UNTILL THE SONGS END!! Okay as i focused doing my work, i heard sound  of my cat eat their foods from their plate, but yang peliknya both of my cats literally in front of me. I was oh shit what is that?! And mata Johnny and Ginny tajam look at their food place tau. I was like jangan macam macam. Jeng jeng jeng

As i turned around...

I saw another cat -,- which is a wild cat from the outside!! I was like, THAT IS NOT MY CAT. And the cat's face was like ahhh shit kantoi. And my cat, dorang tengok je wehh. Bapak ah tak membantu menjaga keamanan rumah betul laa dua ekor ni.

Pastu i nak bangun sebab nak bagi the random cat which i wanna called it K tu makan sebab i am sure dia lapar sampai masuk rumah orang. And dia terus lari. hahaha cuak lettewww. Btw my house tingkat satu okay, susah payah dia nak panjat. Sian dia. So after this we have to close our kitchen balcony, nanti ada orang rogol Ginny susah lak. Bapak tak kenal pula nanti. Hahahahaha.

the end.

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