Monday, 1 May 2017

Breakup is still a break-up

Even though someone might say, it's okay, you will forget him eventually or you will be happy. And all those advices they might give you. You still feel sad deep down inside. Maybe you might see that this is coming (the breakups) but when it happens eventually, you will sad, lonely and depress.

It's juts because you used to be with that person before this. All those little things he did, he said or they way he smile made you happy before this, or the way he calm you down when you get mad, or the way he talks, or eat. You will miss all those little things. Because things will be different from now on. Youre no longer his sidekick, no longer the one he's looking for after something happen. Youre no longer gonna seat next to him in the car listening to same musics. Youre no longer seat in front of him during lunchtime. Things will be different.

You might find someone new after this. But all those things you did with your ex will be different with your new partner. You are going to a new journey and learning a new character and again trying to fit in.

But you will be okay. Someday, somewhere. When you start to accept that things have changed and everything happens for a reason. You will be okay.  And dont forget that Allah is the one who holds people heart. Pray to Him. Always.

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