Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Post eye surgery

Since i've been staying at home all alone for quite some times. It triggers so many things. I thought i could sit back and relax my mind, you know when you have the free time. But it happens otherwise. My mind cant stop thinking. Thinking about my life, my future, all sorts of things keep coming.

Someone told me that, if i'm scared of my future, i'm in the right track. But really, thinking about what happen next, or what my life will be in the future is so scared. And yeah bosan sangat duduk rumah since i cannot hadap my laptop or my phone for a long time. So what i did was literally sleep, eat and slep again and the cycle repeat. Harini pergi class macam a big mistakes je because my eyes jadi sangat dry and irritated so much that i feel like dying. Kalau nangis elok lah juga at least tears will keep my eyes wet tapi tak nangis pun. Ya Allah, cepatlah july. Cepatlah habis belajar somehow :(

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