Thursday, 4 May 2017

What a bad day

I went to hospital for another appointment today. Because of that i was unable to attend the morning classes, which i am scared my attendance is not enough to sit for final :( Omo. Then, during practical classes, my typhodant teeth, a fake teeth whic need to be mounted on the jaws for pre-clinical work jatuh kat lantai then hilang. My Tofflemiere retainer pun ada part tu jatuh kat lantai hilang. So we have this lubang bawah meja kat lab tu which i called 'Lubang Puaka'

Every benda jatuh je kat bawah lantai, chances for you nak jumpa balik your stuff is like 20%. And if you dgr sound dia jatuh mcam kuat kuat kuat tetiba hilang, CONFIRM KUBANG PUAKA TU DAH SEDUT. Even kau suluh ke apa dalam lubang puaka tu, KAU TAK AKAN JUMPA!!! Boleh tak all this stuffs yg hilang tu mahal. Dah lah nak final, time time ni lah nak hilanglah nak rosak laaa etc etc.

Ya Allah, berilah kesabaran kepada hati yg teraniaya dengan lubang puaka tu. Amin.

p/s: sheda bosan. sorry lah kalau banyak meroyan kat sini. Meroyan kat twitter orang marah, meroyan kat insta orang annoy. Hmm kat blog je lah mampu.

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