Thursday, 11 May 2017

Thank for those who tell me things that are so sweet and supportive. It is very sweet of you guys saying of those little things that i did to you which some i dont even remember (I am so sorry). You know, you never know how much it meant for someone if you did even small things. And thanks for make me realized that i am appreciated and make me feel that there are some people do care about me. It is like the things that i wanna hear for such a long time. You guys make me realised that how important kindness is. How can even small kindness that you make can turn someone's day to getting better :')

You know when you feel that life is getting hard you feel that you cant achieve what you want in your life, but actually there is some people who is still rooting for you. You just dont know that. Ya Allah i am so thankful for those who know me and always hoping the best for me. InsyaAllah, i will pray for you guys punya success juga, and yes thank you thank you sooo much semua yg sentiasa ada for me and even someone yg ingat good things about me. You guys make me feel so happy and grateful because we met at some point of our lives and i do hope we will across each other paths again the future. Insya-Allah :)


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