Sunday, 14 May 2017

Social media is a place where you cannot express yourself

So yesterday i posted a status in Facebook telling about my bad memories when i was in high school. Because what happened is still fresh in my mind. What that warden said to me is still lingers in my head and for me, it is kind of rude for her to say that to me. I didnt even mention her name in my status. But of course my schoolmate know who she is. But yeah whatever.

I was telling a status kind of more like a story. MY INTENTION WAS TO MAKE IT AS A  LESSON FOR EVERYBODY. I want my facebook friends to know that, no matter what happened or mad you are never ever say something mean and rude! And i wanna them to know how much it affects me or other people. I probably can say i was mentally abused back then isnt it? Despite of i was a naughty girl, but boleh dikatakan dia fitnah me lah masa tu because i didnt have any intentions of doing as what she was thinking. And then when she said something unacceptable i couldnt take it. I mean she humiliated me and judged me? I respected her as you know elderly, teacher and what not. I didnt even talk back. I just went out and i felt like first i was mad because she accused me was not right, then tambah tambah she said all those things, membara beb hati.

Okay some people said macam janganlah humiliate her even i didnt mention her name but there are still some people know siapa dia and some tanya kenapa out of the blue i nak confess. First, that wasnt my intention nak humiliate her but my intention was nak bagitahu org jangan cakap benda benda tak elok kt orang especially when you are a teacher cakap benda macam tu kt budak yang nak grow up, budak tu akan terkesan (mentally abuse is far worst than physically abuse). Second, siapa kata dia out of the blue? I waited and had pendam all those things yg bad and macam mana org buat kat i masa kat sekolah for few years and now i just nak let it out because it has been more than 5 years and i thought people dont give a damn about that. Because i dont care about my high school anymore or even whatever related to it.

Kalau nak list down betapa banyak i hate my high school year banyak sangat. I hate the environment and almost everything. Thats why my circle from high school sikit because i am tired dengan orang bertalam talam muka and mengutuk each other. I've been through it, even after keluar sekolah pun perangai sama. Aku sendiri pernah kena aku tahu perasaan dia macam mana. Please laa whoever think i wrote sebab nak menjatuhkan sesiapa ke apa memang tkde niat langsung. Boleh tak buka sikit minda tu? Boleh korang pun berhusnuzon dengan aku? You dont know what ive been through so please. I know benda benda ni buat who i am today. And yes it is. But it still a lesson i wanna tell to people supaya dorang tak jadi dungu and takde commonsense. Arghhhhh stress aku.

Thats why i love KMS. Pernah weh aku keluar pukul 12 tengah malam nak pergi NKI (mamak) near our college masa tu. Kiteorang 6 org semua perempuan. Kantoi dengan warden paling garang masa tu, kena lecture kat mamak tu lek je kiteorang. Dia takdelah cakap apa just cakap kenapa macam ni bahaya semua and dia kata smua perempuan kalau kena culik cemana. But in a marah aka tengking kind of way kat mamak tu, ending of her lecture dia cakap i taknak pape jadi kat uolls sebab i sayang students i (even dia AL punya teacher bukan IB pun). Please promise jangan buat lagi. Dia just suruh bagi nama on her table je tomorrow morning. Kiteorang kena marah dengan 5 orang cikgu kot. But chill je. Dorang cakap marah marah tapi end up lembut je semua. See the difference now?

Memang aku type ni dalam keadaan marah dan ego. Tapi please lah you guys faham juga aku. Social media is a place where one's wants to express what they feel or what not. Jangan jadi judges tak berbayar.

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